How Sound Healing Training Makes More Potent Our Shamanic Practices

Traditionally, shamanism has been rich in sound and song. It seems like recently, we encounter journey and shamanic practicing circles where everyone is laying down, quiet.  

People are natural vibrating beings of light. However, early childhood programming, subconscious fears, restrictive beliefs have hindered feeling free to vocalize/sing/hum/chant/tone, and unwittingly enforced a timidity about expressing oneself through sound and song.  

My mission is to help people break through barriers that have hampered their vocal self-expression and provide safe arenas to practice making intentional spirit guided sound. 

 Our intent unfolds into a beautiful journey to discover our innate capacities to be a clear and open channel, conduit, instrument of divine healing sound and light. We enjoy these capacities for offering potent, accurate, effective healing for ourselves, others, Earth. 

What does shamanic sound healing training do for our shamanic practice? It helps us: 

Cominto a more potent vibrational relationship and exchange with our helping Spirits and the Divine 

 When we make sound with our voices in particular, our whole physicality vibrates. We are acutely alert, listening, feeling Spirit move through us as we pray, bless, thank, engage in healing. This training helps one become an instrument that responds to and converses with the divine realms through intentional sound. 

Prepare our energy field, mind, body, soul, and sacred spaces for our healing ceremonies 

As we step into the healing hoop, we can comfortably, confidently, powerfully use sound—singing, toning, chanting, speaking, rattling, drumming, bowling– to energetically open to, charge with, and channel currents of spiritual power and wisdom. These encode the sounds that come through us. Spiritual sound makes us we open to it, rather than us making the sound. 

Changes our states of consciousness for accessing NOR 

We go beyond using a drum or rattle as a sonic driver,  becoming more comfortable (and deeply intrigued!) with using our voices to  entrance us and others. We learn the more traditional shamanic practice of following our voice into our journeys, as opposed to simply making sound in our journeys. 

Amplifies the effectiveness and potency of our shamanic healing procedures** through knowledgeable and effective use of intentional vibratory frequencies (especially our voices

We focus especially on creating a partnership between our voices, and other instruments, and learn new dimensions and textures to the compassionate universe in which we do our healing and learning. 

Tap into the wise, vibrating, creative universe to manifest new fruitful matrices, structures, circumstances, realities, formations of energy and matter. 

We become attuned to our powerful energetic self, both individuated from and blended with the Divine, serving as a conduit, antennae, instrument for change through intentional, spirit-guided sound. 

**Specific Activities in Shamanism Enhanced by Our Freely Making of Intentional Sound: 

Invocation and powering up –singing or making sound to pray, bless, thank 

Journeying—singing and/or sound-rich journeys, vocally driving our journeying activate pathways, streams, currents of healing energy that might otherwise lay dormant. We travel deeper inward and outward as the vibrating universe matches our vibrational emanations to collaborate in illumination and transformation. 

Extraction–Using spirit-guided sound to break up, dispel, shift, digest, force out fixated dense energies; 

Thoughtform and curse unraveling: using sound waves that travel backwards, forward and sideways in time and space to dig out and transform structures of thought and cosmic/karmic entrapments/entanglements 

Compassionate spirit release: creating protective space, concentrating the beings’ energy and “belongings”, and (especially with singing bowls) creating vortices of Light and power to accompany the influx of healing light and the departure of beings. 

Soul Retrieval—tenderizes the soul prior to receiving, escorts the soul parts home and integration process .

Opportunities for you to participate with me in 2020 & 2021

I am updating my calendars; currently they will be posted on my FB page, and in my Events Tab on my website. You can also email me for information.

Level 1 Shamanic Sound Healing Training:

Shamanic Sound Intensive:

December 4-6 2020  6:30-9:30 pm Friday, 10 am-4 pm Saturday and Sunday

Gateway to Shamanic Sound Healing: A 5-Month Course Spring 2021 

 Saturdays Feb. 20, March 20, April 25, May 22, June22  9:30 am-2 pm 

Gateway to Shamanic Sound Healing: 10-Week Course Spring 2021 

Wednesdays 6:30 pm-9:30 pm March 3rd through May 5th

Shamanic Sound Intensive:

April 2-4 6:30-9:30 pm Friday, 10 am-4 pm Saturday and Sunday

Level 2 Shamanic Sound Healing Training:

Advanced 5 Month (TBA)

Advanced 8 week (TBA)

Advanced intensive:

April 16-18 6:30-9:30 pm Friday, 10 am-4 pm Saturday and Sunday

Please contact me for more information, or to discuss which course might be right for you.


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