About Lauri

I am here to serve you and Spirit through my shamanic sound healing ceremonies and treatments.

My shamanic sound healing involves forming a partnership with compassionate spirits, and channeling the creative force of sound to bring about greater wellness and sense of aliveness and zest in the world!  In ceremony with the spirits, we retrieve soul essence that may be lost over the course of your life and we remove dense energies that might be caught in your system. We balance the medicine wheel of your life. We rematrix the soul and the beliefs that constrict its natural karmic unfolding. We cut cords and forgive and heal the past and future.

Soul loss and the accumulation of dense energies occur naturally through trauma, conflict, illnesses and other things that are just part of life. Shamanically, with the help of the spirit world, we remove the things that do not belong, and put back things that do belong. The net result is increased health and vibrancy. We ask for guidance, wisdom, new ways of viewing the world that are empowering and life-affirming. Very interesting things happen that I learn from and marvel at as a participant in the ceremony.

When is it time for Shamanic Healing? Usually, at some time in your life, you may feel “I am not quite myself…I feel like I am missing a part of myself…I have reoccurring thoughts, behavior patterns that are not productive…”   These are feelings we all have, and that point to a need for soul healing. Soul retrieval and extraction, and the nourishing powers of sound and Reiki, offer a potent avenue of healing that taps into the innate powers of nature, Spirit, and the personal power that lies within you.

I do this sacred work at Hidden Lake Retreat– an intimate peaceful place surrounded by nature. Many people come and spend a few days with me in retreat in our restored country lodge and cottage by the lake. In this way, the lake and land, the nourishing food, and the healing ceremonies, all collaborate to bring about within you a remarkable shift in perspective, and elevation of energy, faith, and health.

Shamanic healing and sound healing often help when other courses of treatment are not working. Shamanic healing can enhance the efficacy of other healing modalities because after shamanic treatment, your soul has a greater capacity for self healing.

With a deep abiding relationship with benevolent compassionate Helpers, my commitment is to expand all of our capacities to listen and know what is needed, and to transmit and receive what is needed to be a healthy human being.

Contact me to see if soul healing is the next thing for you.




You are whole-heartedly invited to come heal by The lake

You are whole-heartedly invited to come heal by the lake


4 responses to “About Lauri

  1. Lauri, I love your words, your thoughts and revelations, the beautiful, clear way you express them. Thank you for sharing your blog with me. I feel moved, inspired; your communication really impacted me. Thank you.


  2. Everyday I say out loud,as part of my prayers,… “Thank you Lauri Shainsky!”

  3. Blessings to you and your loved ones!

  4. Thank you

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