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Preventing Soul Loss Through the Kind Self

Photograph by Angela Weaverplaying with fire3In shamanic cosmologies, we are animated by our soul, this immortal, eternal divine essence. As shamanic practitioners, we doctor the human beingness by doctoring the soul. We remove “intrusions” –foreign energies—that do not belong to or serve the soul; and, we retrieve lost soul essence that has temporarily separated from the whole of the soul through trauma such as surgeries, accidents, and disruptions to the family and support systems, as well as due to arguments, and other negative experiences or circumstances. By integrating this soul essence back into the wholeness of the soul (along with a power animal on task to help the healing process on into the future), physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual discomfort, dis-ease, disfunction can transform, resolve, evaporate, leaving us healthier, more vibrant, freer and happier.

One day I was on holy land during a big ceremony, and was talking to a brother. The spirits began telling us through me that soul loss can be caused by negative self talk. That little pieces of our soul can split off from the whole of the soul when we decide we don’t like a part of our Self, some aspect or characteristic of our Self. This idea felt totally in alignment with a book I read decades ago called Compassion and Self Hate by Theodore I. Rubin (

This idea was also in alignment with information that came through during preparation for an Equinox sweat lodge I was to pour for the LIghtSong Community at Hidden Lake. That the dark feeds the light; that those things we have judged and labeled as bad in ourselves is absolutely and cosmically suppose to be there for our souls to expand through the process of personal work and spiritual growth. We are caused to seek relief due to these aspects of ourselves that may be difficult, hurtful, or uncomfortable. And through this seeking, we are lifted up, reach new powerful discernments in life and our energy ascends to higher and higher frequencies as we learn to work with and come to peace, and even utilize these aspects of ourselves.

So when that negative self talk arises, we ask, what is it that this aspect of our self is in service to? What if it is here to teach us something? How can attention, then a shift in perspective and expression of this aspect, actually create growth, new understandings about the world, our life, our path? These questions feel like a road to compassion and the Kind Self…asking them can help prevent loss of soul essence that might come through internal bickering with parts of your personality.

We ask the Kind Self to reach a gentle hand to us, into our heart, and teach us something new about these parts of ourselves that are present now. In this way, these parts may be seen, and then resolved or shifted. And we thus nurture our soul and tend it as the Divine One we are.


Getting from “here” to “there”: Messages about Creating

salmon1We set intentions; we formulate goals; we yearn and hope for “that thing to happen” or that state to be achieved, that shift to occur so that things will be different, a new way.

 And it a mystery from an energetic perspective how we get from here to there.

I had a client who was working intensely with those questions, and I wanted (with her permission) to share the shamanic healing journey we did together to ask the spirits about “getting from here to there”.

 The sacred landscape opened up with a forest grove and a stream.

We peered down into the stream, and then across the stream to the other side. There was a three-dimensional quality about this metaphor of the two banks of the stream and the source of the stream.

 We began swimming with the sockeye salmon–the wise salmon (an oracle). To explore the place in between “here and there”—between where we are now, and where we want to be. The salmon were transmitting wisdom through the water to us just by virtue of us being in the water with them.

 The first message was: Enjoy being in the water (the place in between). We focus so much on the “there”, where we are trying to get to, that sometimes we overlook what is in the spaces between where we are and where we want to be. The salmon then flipped us to walking on the backs of them from one side to another—but with a caveat: “Do Not look at the other side, but look into the gap—in the water.”

“Notice the detail and beauty of the rocks on the bottom of the stream, how the water is moving. Notice the reflection of the trees on the other side in the stream. While the trees appear to be standing on the other side of the stream, they are reflected in the stream. The ‘there’ is in ‘here’.”

 There was a deep teaching at an energetic level about the integration of here, the gap and the future. A harmony and synergy. 

“Love all the elements that come together in the in between. Earth, water, fire, air, the elements are important energies and building blocks, both, of the building of the next step(s).”

 “As our vibration rises, we carry the power to attract people who have that energy needed for or related to the creation of the next step. ” If we employ a greater awareness, we will notice these people and this helps create the next step.

 We call on the Great Mystery for our Construction team of creation of the bridge between the here and the there: attracting circumstances, the elements, compassionate spirits, and people. As we raise our vibration, we know that we are in communion with the spirits. We engage them to build the bridge over the gap. This team is engaged, both intentionally and accidentally; without our initial awareness, then we notice the team and its components, and it builds exponentially. Our change in perception of energy is going to encourage change.

 A magnetic vibrational quality that emanates from the heart, along with change in perception of energy, is going to “synergize to create synergy”. A field forms around us. The awareness of this happening feeds creation of the steps of the bridge.

” Watching and attracting; One bridge section at a time.”

“Healing work creates the construction team.”

The Wise Salmon clambered and implored: ”if no structure exists there right now, walk on our backs to peer into the gap”.

 “As you stand on the backs of the spirits in the elements: Notice the detail in the water (the gap)– this is really important for the foundation of what you are creating out in front of you. There is information in the gap. That serves as a foundation for for what you are building and creating. Above and below synergizing—keep watching how the land and the water interact”.


I thank my client for attracting such an amazing healing shamanic journey with me.

 I do these kinds of sessions over the phone, via Skype and in person at my sound studio at Hidden Lake. Contact me: 503-939-7174 or

Call To and From the Wild

cropped-lion4.jpgOn Aug. 23 we carried out a ceremony of Sound healing for the Animals of Earth. It was an evening that combined sound healing, shamanism and nature constellations.

We experienced and sent healing to through journeying, merging, prayer and intentional sound to many of the animal world, including elephants who have lost family members through culling, wild horses slaughtered for meat, massacred buffalo, big cats pacing in zoo cages, whales killed by boats and nets, dolphins whose ears have been shattered by sonar, songbirds whose habitat has been destroyed, wolves killed by ranchers, polar bears losing their habitat through global warming, rhinoceroses poached for their horns, bees experiencing colony collapse, factory-slaughtered chickens, chimpanzees used in research experiments, domestic pets experiencing neglects and abuse. birds exploding from ingesting plastic bottle tops, birds of prey killed or mutated from pesticides. Much grief welled up to be felt and cleared. We continue to send these animals healing and love from our open open hearts.

The animals and the people who love them had much to say about their livingness, and I am honored to share some of the messages channeled through the people in ceremony:
“Buffalo’s message: Buffalo are big, full of power, full of strength, but incredibly sensitive. Buffalo’s heart is so heavy, holding space for Earth , humanity, and the animal kingdom. Buffalo feels it all and needs us to lighten our hearts. Buffalo’s heart is too heavy-too heavy to move. Lighten our hearts and Buffalo’s heart will lighten, and Earth’s heart will lighten.

Buffalo received the healing and sent it into the Earth. Buffalo has deep deep love for Mother Earth. Buffalo is a great wise one holding space in spirit and on Earth.”—S.R.

“The Song Birds told me to “breathe in” their songs – the vibration will help raise my vibration and heal me.  They sing Joy and Healing to all that listen.
We are definitely all one with nature and the animals.  I’m even seeing animal resemblances in people.  It was a wonderful reminder that feeling pain of animals, nature, or people, doesn’t help them or us – we help by lifting our vibration and sending our love.” C.C.

“The songbirds made it clear to the level of innocence they carry, as well as the other beings and children of Mother Earth. It is our lack of attentiveness and accountability that has caused disharmony.

I also wanted to share that in the last round I channeled “massacred Buffalo.” The clarity of my connection to Buffalo was strong and mutually supportive in many ways. Buffalo said ‘I want a Home’.” –J.H.

 About the Human Experience:
“What I learned from this: I felt my pain, my heaviness directly affecting another being. I felt the accumulation of collective weight in one concentrated place- Buffalo’s heart. From direct experience I know that healing myself/ lightening my heart is healing Buffalo, healing Earth, and healing/helping all. This is what Buffalo showed me. I feel this is the start of a relationship with Buffalo. Buffalo has a lot to teach me about walking in balance with strength and sensitivity.

I think more and more of these ceremonies have the ability to heal our relationship with the animal kingdom and earth. Helping to thin the veil into oneness. You are doing a great service, Lauri. I think this could even be offered as course work as well as healing work…..coming together to help the animal kingdom as well as understand/thin the veil to our relationship with them….how to work and walk with them.” S.R.

“I found the experience to be very deep and moving for me… more so than my usual exchange and honoring of the flora and fauna I interact with daily. Coming to this group meditation was a key part of the Initiation and chosen path I have been walking not only my whole life but specifically the last 6 years. I stepped right into the web of connectedness with everyone (all spirits and dwelling beings). This call was actualized when in the first round I was told by Spirit to step back and work with the circle to bring in and listen to send healing love to the animals.

Then things intensified by stepping in in the second round and merging with the songbirds sorrow and shock over their innocent folly and deaths. The amount of grief for this one creature was the most intense I have ever felt and I feel this is for many reasons. Their commonality and easily-missed plight among other more publicized animals aligns with my own work with my Voice. I think we share the ability to Sing away pain to re-inspire a deep loving connection with self and all beings.”–J.H.

“I learned that my animals provide keen insight on navigating a working relationship with the nature of the inhabitants of this planet.  I am taking away an enhanced appreciation and awareness of this. I came away with a greater relationship with the spirit of these beings, gaining clarity on the symbiotic relationship charactuizeded by a two way interaction.” T.G.

“I’m still in awe and wonderment from the spark we ignited last night. I feel The Calling to and from The Wild….this is trail I’ve been searching for. I’m so grateful to you all for being such magical song mates. I can’t type the words that express clearly what is in my heart and my voice. Let’s continue to nurture this project. I’m all in! Love beyond description” C.T.

We raised $337 for the Portland Audubon Society’s Wildlife Care Center. This is almost enough to cover the cost of a year’s worth of mice for the 2 sparrow hawks that greeted me at the Care Center when I dropped off the donation. Thank you to all who came to the ceremony and channeled healing to the animals, experiencing healing for yourselves as well. Thank you to those who contributed through prayer and financial donation in absentia. Your love was deeply felt.

All in service to love of Earth.

Healing the Grief About Our Perceived Plight of the Earth’s Animals: Part 2

ImageI went through an enormous eye of the needle kind of illness and transformation (I am still in it, actually) this spring. My dear friend and colleague Renee did a beautiful reading and healing on me to help me make sense of this lingering illness. In essence, the illness was a doorway and a dissolution of old ways of being, of shedding and reconfiguring. That the illness was an outer manifestation of inner thought patterns that were like small infections festering away and draining power away from my core.

Another dear friend Linda, came over and did a Karuna Reiki session. A very powerful session unfolded, whereby the Reiki inspired one of the inner thought infections to be revealed to me, and in the energy of the session, was released and healed in a big way. It was my grief over the animals. I had pondered the idea that in some belief systems, maladies of the lungs (mine of which were full of gunk) represents Grief.

And so I opened to listen to and understand and clear this grief. What I heard was…

…The grief I feel for the animals is a huge doorway to the vast open loving heart. A karmic doorway. My cat, Cali, had shown this truth to me, too. She had been with me during my illness, and when I asked her what her role was in my life, she showed me that she was there to help me open my heart, and feel what caring for, and being cared about, was all about.

Leslie Temple Thurston, on a call regarding For the Love of Animals,  encouraged us to be IN the grief and to open our hearts, and allow the heart to break. Over and over again.

This is the medicine.

Then the imploring of my teacher, Jan, to get underneath the grief to see more into it, came in. When I looked deeply, I saw that it was a perception of Not enough (animals are dying, there will not be enough animals to satisfy my need for them). The grief grew out of an ever-growing lack of something that I loved.

Then more medicine came: The animals told me, through my power animals, that they are present at the etheric level always, abundant beyond belief, even if their numbers appear few on the physical plain. That we have access to each other, and that I should not fret in the debilitating way the grief was striking me. But use that love to do something.

This message then made the message I received last month “clunk”. Before this healing, over the last few months, the animals had been coming and showing me a new community healing ceremony that will help the people and the animals. And, so, I am excited to walk forward on my path with this new ceremony to help people heal, and to help the animals on the planet –ascended and earthly. More later on this ceremony as it evolves.

And so we send a heartfelt wave of gratitude to the animals—the ones we live with, the ones all over the planet, the ones who have come and gone, the ones who need our power and wisdom to steward, or simply connect with in appreciation.

Carnival of Healing 243: Shamanic, Intentional Living

Welcome to the Carnival of Healing.

Thank you,  Dee, for the previous Carnival of Healing, which provides a cornucopia of health-related tips and solutions that help us on our path.

This month’s Carnival of Healing entry addresses the spiritual aspects of our  walk on this earth. My most heart-felt intention is to provide some insight into the nature of shamanic, intentional living, as well as to provide some resources if you wish to become more  facile in the art of shamanic, intentional living.

The most life-altering belief or awareness that I came to have was that I had a troop of loving spirits that were out on my path orchestrating my life. This is the fundamental understanding of shamanism—the knowningness of the presence of compassionate, benevolent spirits that work through us to bring love and healing to everyday (ordinary) reality. With this understanding, I have become aware of the grace and perfection of how everything in my life unfolds—especially circumstances that at first seem disappointing, and then turn out to have the greatest good at their very core. I walk in the world knowing that my helpers are out ahead of me on my path orchestrating and collaborating with my true self to manifest my life.

You do not need to be a shaman to live shamanically. Many of you probably are already living a shamanic life and perhaps not aware of it. Dee from the previous Carnival of Healing certainly is, as she recounts the grace she received from her “guides” as she was preparing her entry for last month. Midnight Shaman provides musings and insight on shamanic life, spirituality and healing, as does ShamanElizabeth.

Living intentionally—with focus, prayer, clarity about what we seek to manifest in our lives—is magnified a million-fold through our working with our beloved spirits. It is as if our prayers are magnified and sent out into the universe with a jet pack. We wake up in the morning, we pray and meditate in the presence of our spirits, in which we are in communion, and intentions for the day, week, life are set into motion. Dr. Joe Dispenza’s discussion from “What the Bleep”,  I create my day, is a beautifully written description of the process of intentionally living and being the creator of your life. Add the awareness of help from the spirit world, and Wah Lah! WOW! BAM!

As revealed quite beautifully by Firechild’s blog, living shamanically engages us completely in watching the flows of different energies and power, noticing how the divine plan is unfolding, and listening and watching for messages. Taz provides an elegant mix of “thoughts and musings on shamanism, medicine crafts, meditations and personal development”.

Living shamanically, teaching shamanism, holding ceremony and being a leader in the shamanic world is beautiful and also has its dilemnas. Scarlett Kinney, in her blog Feminine Shamanic Consciousness is good reminder of this and discusses a sometimes touchy subject inherent in walking this walk.

I enjoyed exploring numerous blogs by people living a shamanic way of life. Spirit Muse’s Blog I found and enjoyed for  it’s discussion of  practical and philosophical shamanic topics. Living a Heart-centered life is critical to shamanic living, and is exemplified in the writings at the Path of the Clear Heart: My Walk with Lujan Mutas.

Bjezierski  beautifully illuminates the philosophy of most of us living a shamanic lifestyle…”Have drum,  will travel”, and provides deep, rich insights into the very real experiences in the life of a man living a contemporary shamanic life.

One of my favorite blogs on shamanic living is Shamanic Living Today. “This is an ongoing US and global project to help enthusiasts, scholars, practitioners, and curious parties learn more about shamanic living in a contemporary culture. The space here is devoted to sharing info, experiences and opinions about all forms of shamanic expression covering shamanism’s multiple permutations. Among subjects explored are traditions, techniques, insights, definitions, events, artists, authors, and creativity. You are invited to draw from your own experiences and contribute.”  What a great invitation!

I also loved The Earth Caretakers blog, which  helps us “Find inspiration and tools for shifting your awareness in our monthly Shifting Consciousness News! We explore the healing modalities of the future: light, vibration, and vision. We write about direct revelation, intent, and self-empowerment. We’re passionate about weaving and growing the interconnections between social and spiritual change, and between what we “know” and what our hearts yearn to manifest! By releasing the heavy in our thoughts and beliefs, we each move into a lighter, more joyous way of being. We can renew and reweave our interconnections in our own bodies, souls, and spirits; with stars, trees, and stones; and with cross-cultural wisdom and prophesy.”

Living shamanically and intentionally takes practice, training, consciousness. My training came from several places. I began my training with Jan Engels-Smith of LightSong School of Shamanic Studies in 1998. This training is ideal in that not only did we learn technique, but experienced many many initiations and ceremonies, so necessary to shifting one’s consciousness and way of living. Many trainings exist where you learn how to do shamanic healings, but do not provide the tools for changing how you live. Lightsong and Jan provide both. Jan has written extensively on the topics near and dear to our hearts in shamanism, which you can find at and her blog

Michael Harner’s Foundation of Shamanic Studies provides comprehensive coursework in core shamanism, where I learned techniques, as well as experiencing some critical and powerful initiations which expanded my consciousness of being. Tom Cowan provides poetic training in Celtic Shamanism, and his two year class provided me with amazing initiations and ceremonies which I continue to carry out to our community.

We live shamanically through rigorous training, personal and community initiations and ceremony, falling down and ascending, singing, crying, praying. I will continue to write about such things on my blog here, and am committed to providing  opportunities to people who seek to strengthen their shamanic way of being through my healing practice, sound healing trainings, and the work I do at Hidden Lake Retreat. Please stay tuned or check out our calendar!

Thank you for going along for a little tour through shamanic living. If you are interested in shamanism, I recommend checking out our school, Lightsong School of Shamanic Studies. Also check out the Shaman’s portal as a great resource for shamanism. Teachers, information, trainings and events are posted there, along with many many blogs.

Visit the Carnival of Healing page by going to

May Sweet Shamanic Journeys be upon you!

Drum Beats: An Organizing Sound at a Cellular & Community Level

Our shamanic sound healing course convened last week. During one of the journeys, I asked my sound healing power animal about how sound works. I was shown something very basic, and beautiful, about the drum. It seemed like something I knew already at some level, but they showed it in such a beautiful way, that I got it at a visceral level of understanding.

Their message:

The journey drum beat “organizes the contents of our cells” …

They said (using imagery) “Imagine a million cups of water on a table. Now slam your hand down on the table, and watch the water in the cups all leap and vibrate, all at the same time.”

Now (and i am translating again, visual information to verbal information)  “imagine the drum as applying similiar force, on all of your cells–the fluids move synchronously in a dancing of vibration, all organized in a pattern of movement over time, like a rhythmic cellular massage.

“The vibrations, in this very tight pattern of sound, turn into a very tight organization of matter in your cells. Your heart creates a kind of pattern in sound too but only the cells in proximity to the sound of the heart get organized by the sound of the beat; your vessels move with the true pressure created by the working of the heart.

The drum distributes this tight organization over your entire body, and  it gets better! Everyone’s cells in the room are being equally, and synchronously patterned by the drum beat. And what is better still, this organized pattern of vibration is like an opening of a doorway that allows information to come into the matrix of matter and imprint at a cellular level”

Cool, we are vibrating at a cellular level together…

This might sound fundamental, but it has turned to FUN! DUH! MENTAL! information.


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Reports of Shamanic Healing

Healing by the Lake

Shamanic Sound Healing at Hidden Lake

At the beginning of 2009, I heard from Spirit that I was to begin offering free soul retrievals. I announced it in Hidden Lake’s e-newsletter. WOW! What a response. I knew it would be a gift, but I did not realize the magnitude until it began unfolding. It was a wake up call about how much people would love to experience the work, and how, perhaps, finances are allowed to stand in the way of healing. What I also noticed was just how much grace there was in the room for these people who began coming. And while I like to spend more than one session with people, our time together was potent.

Here is what my first of a series had to say when I emailed to follow up to see how she was doing–

“Hi Lauri- I noticed a very significant “lightening”. It felt as if a large weight was lifted from me. I could physically feel the difference. Also my left ear that I had been having trouble with for 6 months and went to the doctor 3 times for was completely healed up the evening of the soul retrieval. My right knee is doing great too.

Also a couple of days after the soul retrieval I was asked to teach a class for our local community schools in my home town. This was just out of the blue so I knew that it was one of those soul path things where you needed to pay attention and say yes. So I am creating the class and writing the curriculum for the class. (Even though a large part of me wants to stay home and hide out:)

I know I really need to come and do the constellation work that you had mentioned. I still am very big on being secretive. For instance I don’t feel that in the  class that I can just come and out speak about what I really want to say, I feel I have to water it down to make it acceptable.

My new mantra is what you had said to me: “What if being on a spiritual path was easy.” I keep saying this to myself when I feel like bagging it. I have also noticed how protected that I am in EVERYTHING… even when I have no clue or make a snap decision I am later shown how it was the best choice I could have made even if I had labored over the decision for months and researched every detail.

One last thing … I think my guides are joking with me. I have been asking them for a million dollars. Yesterday, one of my husbands customers wrote him a note on a piece of note paper and the note paper had on the back of it a million dollar bill. (It was a picture, I don’t know if you have seen them in some of the advertising gimmicks where they send you a million dollar bill). I told them thanks and I am wanting the kind I can put in my bank , please. Thank you so much for the gift of the soul retrieval. K “