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Ceremony of Independence: Reconciliation With Soul Sovereignty


Ceremony always expands in power when we can tap into a collective energy that is naturally occurring—like the celebration of Independence Day. So I delighted when the spirits told me I needed to do a ceremony for regaining my sovereignty. The time had come to regain my sovereignty from a long history in an enmeshed relationship where I had habitually let my power be taken away from me.
Sound familiar? Let’s do this! It is easy to set up.
First Step: Key issues/Needs/Qualities
What are the issues and qualities at play–what do you need that you are not getting fro your relationship(s)? What do you want or need from the universe, and what is missing?
Write these on separate piece of paper–48 pt type; cut them up onto separate pieces of paper.


What I found most coming up was: Respect…  Honoring… Acknowledgement… Love… Support …Joining me where I am…  Seeing me… Compassion …Fairness in the exchange


All of these ingredients I choose to say and claim as needs I believe I have, with no shame in needing any of these. And really, at the mutual level–not one way.  At the truth of it, these are all aspects I aspire to share with and beam onto into the world, and cultivate within for my Self.


What about you? Take some time for this.


Step 2: Sacred Space


Pick a place in nature or in your home and set up a sacred circle. Gather stones, one each for each issue/need/quality. Place the stones along the perimeter of the circle. Put the pieces of paper from step 1 so it is leaning against the stone facing inward. Call on your helping spirits to imbue the space.
Lines of Connection For Retrieval:
Cut lengths of yarn, each about 12 feet. Anchor one end to a stone in the perimeter, and bring the other end to the center of the circle. When you are done it will look like spokes in a wheel with stones and qualities on the outer perimeter, and all of the all strings coming to center.
Reconciliation with Soul Sovereignty:
Stand in the center, and hum or tone or chant, asking for and intending for retrieving and reconciling with your soul’s sovereignty. Sit in the center when you feel ready. One string at a time, pull and gather up the string for each quality from the stone. I rolled it into a little bundle. I sang while I did this, in a trance-like state. But whatever feels comfortable and right to you. Ask for insight about each medicinal quality (key issue). Pull the power and wisdom of each of the qualities from “out there” to your interiority. Your sacred, sovereign self. Slowly, deliberately. Feel the vibration of each of these qualities going into your self.

My experience: I begin the drumming. I called in my helping spirits and guides assisting me with this ceremony for strengthening and reclaiming my sovereignty.  I go into  trance like state, as if I am transported to a parallel temple. The spirits give me insight about each medicinal quality (key issue). Many of these retrievals have soul essence encoded in it. I welcome this surprise! Slowly, deliberately. I feel what it is like to know the vibration of each of these qualities. I thank who/what ever was holding these from me. Much of the wisdom the spirits give me brings me to a place of neutrality, “no charge” and “no need”. How much assessment of these things is illusion, and matters not.


Thank who/what ever was holding these from you. Bow to yourself, Your Sovereign Self.
Believe in and Thank the benevolent universe, for you have re-membered yourself.



Post-Script: On my walk I find a feather of my singing power animal. She reminds me of the potency of sovereignty that fuels and empowers magnificent collaboration.


Shamanic Sleep Meditation


I share this Shamanic procedure which I found assisted in helping me sleep more deeply and nourishingly.

Using your creative awareness, have your guiding ones (whether you have yet to identify them specifically or not) take you down into the earth. Maybe you follow the roots of a tree or an animal burrow’s entrance. Or, you dive into a mountain pool and swim down to a secret entrance.

As you arrive, you look around and get oriented. After a while, a level of new comfort settles in. You breathe. As you breathe, you listen, and hear a heart beat–it is yours, aligning with the heart beat of Mother Earth. Know that She holds you.

Ask her to take you deeper, into a crystal-lined cave. It glistens, and glows. Stand in this cave in your minds eye. With your heart, tell the crystals you would like to have them emanate the intention, vibration, light of you having a sound, nourishing sleep. Feel them pulsing this intention. All that your mind is working on, fades, as it is bathed by the crystal’s light and sound. Breathe, relax more deeply. Feel this loving nourishing power of earth, her sparkling gems.

Breathe, relax even more deeply.

If it feels right, invite a benevolent, loving mother bear of any color join you in the cave. They hold the ancient wisdom of DEEP SLEEP. FEEL  it’s thoroughly mothering bear nature.

She has been waiting for you to call on her; there is an innate, wise part of you that recognizes her. She smiles into your eyes.

She curls up, creating the warmest most inviting nook in h.r arms, and she telepathically invites you to curl up with her. Test it out. Feel what it feels like as she holds you. You can hear her heart beat, as well as the heart beat of the Mother.  Be in all of this magic, and let go, breath by breath. Into nourishing, deeply sound sleep.

Wake up, nourished by earth.


Feel free to report back!

Turning Noise into Sound

I was walking my rural property (Hidden Lake) this autumn morning. I was reveling in the peacefulness. Then, stellar’s jay starting squawking…but most importantly, the sound of a backhoe started vibrating. What to do to maintain peace, enjoy my walk in nature with this machine noise going?

The machine had a basic note to it—a droning, pulsating note. I started to match it with my voice. This note and its pulsation began moving energy inside of me. Then I thought about what this machine was doing. Digging…

Then the inquiry became…

…How can I use this sound and the power of this machine to dig down into what might be below the surface, bring it to the surface, and transform it?

I continued humming in a pulsating fashion…I was digging…and then actually allowed some thoughts and energies to come from within, I was done with these, for sure. So, I continued making sound and sent the thoughts and energies I was done with  into the imaginary hole the sound/machine was making.

I continued until I felt complete. I felt so much better. And so a lesson on turning “noise” into sound showed itself to me.

We live in a noisy world. Some people’s neighborhoods and work environments are more noisy that others.

Noise, to me, is a sound that is in the way of peace, in the way of hearing what I want to hear, whereas sound has a helpful, useful, transformative function. Noise is like weeds, as sound is to garden flowers– “weeds” as plants out of place, where we do not want them.

The big practice for all of us is—accepting what is. Better yet, blessing what is. So this practice, turning noise into sound, is part of that. Of turning lemons into lemonade…of taking what could be bothering us (backhoe, tractor, train, barking dogs) and turning it into a helpful element in our moment.

So if you hear a “noise”, see if you can match it with your voice—you can do this very quietly if you want, and work up a volume over time. As you make the sound, notice what you notice in your body, in your energy state, in your mind (including “this is stupid” or “I hope no one hears me”). Just notice as you breathe and hum or tone, making sound that matches the noise. Ask what this noise is actually coming from, and how you can use it to help transform or transmute or heal things.

Some example metaphorical questions or intentions you could hold for these sounds:

Car traffic—the sea of humanity, with unique personalities therein– who will I next enjoy meeting? Attraction of a person to for some purpose.

Garbage truck—Getting rid of what does not serve us. What refuse must I dispose of?

Sirens—Sudden distress–how can I send healing to people in an emergency? What emergency am I having needs attention? What siren off in the distance is calling to me? Send a voice to call forth what is needed, piercing through the rest of the sound environment.

Weed eater—trimming, making neat and tidy. What is growing my garden that might benefit me from removal? What things need trimming?

Blower—using ancient fuel to move leaves, dirt…more easily than with a rake. What has fallen that needs to be moved around in my life? What tools do I have that will make this easier for me to do?

I remember during a very intense journey process with Jan at LightSong,  someone in the adjacent yard started up a chainsaw and began limbing trees. I had to use this sound during this journey process; the inquiry was—what limbs am I carrying that are no longer useful—like dead branches and dead leaves are a burden to the tree’s energy balance? How can this inform this journey assignment I am suppose to be doing?

This process of using what is around us for our evolution and upliftment is essential at this time, because there are plenty of chainsaws, backhoes, cars whizzing by.

Find the sound within the noise. Be the Sound. Be the change the sound brings. Aho!

Do It Yourself: Sound Healing at Home, Right Here, Right Now


Sound is a carrier wave of intention, and is a magical creative force that re-configures matter and energy. Spirit-guided sound healing adds the active participation of compassionate benevolent spirits–beings from the divine realms. These beings encode the sound with power and wisdom, guiding the sound to its most potent targets. When sound is transmitted and received in a container of love and divine spiritual guidance, miraculous healing and manifestation of dreams and prayers can more powerfully be set into motion.
You can give yourself a mini-sound healing, right here, right now. Stand and greet the four directions (East, South, West, North), Above and Below, and ask for their compassion and benevolence to bless you. Ask them to guide you, and ride in on the sounds you make. Or call to the compassionate ones with whom you are familiar or are moved to call to.
Close your eyes and feel, and accept, where you are right now. Notice and appreciate your body, your mind, your feelings, your overall state of energy.
Say thank you to you, and all of the gifts of your life. Form an intention for yourself. State the positive version of this intention. If you want the pain in your knee to go away, a positive intention would be “may I walk with grace, ease, pain- free”. If you want to release something like stress or grief about a relationship, an intention could be stated like “please release this stress-its root energies and thoughts- and replace it with acceptance, ease, gratitude for the lessons from this relationship” or something similar.
Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply. Feel your rib cage and belly go up and down, in and out. Open your lips a bit and breathe out through your mouth. Now add some sound gently, to warm up your vocal instrument.
Now, call to mind and hold in your heart the healing intention you formed. Ask the spirits to assist you in setting those intentions into motion. Then, begin making sound. Let the sound come up from your belly…let it swirl around and past your heart, and then out. There is no mistake that our lungs and heart are in such proximity from an energetic perspective.
Feel what it would be like to have your intention fulfilled, manifested, and make those sounds. Allow yourself an abstract, creative experience. Visualize from your heart’s perspective your manifesting wellness, new situation, eg. Notice if some part of your body begins to vibrate. The thread of your intention may emerge in this initial part. Use the sound you are making to go deeper into your intention and pull out its form. Create with the sound you are making. Let the sound you are making become you.
When you are done, say thank you. Read the full article by clicking here…

There is Power in the Opposite

There is power in the opposite…

Most of us are being buffeted around energetically by the news of what is happening, not happening, maybe happening in our country. We need to be resourced and centered to be good spiritual activists. I found some deep wisdom and value in a particular set of practices I learned from NW Soul Quest, and Sheila Belanger and Anne Hayden. (Thank you sages!)

Most importantly, the value of finding vitality in that which we are opposed to. The topic of the workshop I was just in was dealing with polarities, things “out there” that trigger us within, to react to, that we rise against to, and what to do so we can remain strong and not be so reactive and distressed.

And of course, our president came in in a big way during the weekend. So, touse him as an example…

First, we call in our allies, spirits, guides, angels to protect us and guide us. We mentally draw a line or circle –creating a threshold over which we step to demark the beginning of the exercise. We then step into the being of Donald. Gestures, actions, words, becoming, taking on his personality. We may even walk around, outside, bossing trees, rocks, shrubs around. Making bold statements that may not be factual. Swooping our fingers through our orange hair. Pursing the lips…just really being him.

Here is where it gets interesting—noticing the energy generated in our bodies while we are doing this. When I did it, I all of sudden noticed, wow, there is great energy and vitality in being certain of my superiority and arrogance. Of being the center the universe—or the sun in our solar system, out there with my opinions. And then we ask, where in my life could I use some of this vitality?

During those times when I may feel extraordinarily shy, or like Pluto, quietly orbiting the very periphery of the solar system, when being the sun might really serve me.

It is not soul stealing, where we are robbing someone of their soul essence, but tapping into a resourcable vitality in THE OTHER that can be of service to us. It felt like it gave me just a little more emotional room for the absurdity of this persona in my own solar system. Because when we polarize against something, there is emotional taxation that is very debilitating when it turns chronic. When we can join some aspect as usable, we will last longer in our facing of these vast challenges.

At the end, thank your helpers, and step back across the threshold, ending your experiencing the Other. Look yourself in the mirror and introduce yourself to yourself, or say “Yay, I am glad I’m _______________” (fill in the blank with your name).

This morning, another example came in. I did not do gestures and postures but did a quick mental process. It was sparked by the anniversary of Roe V Wade, and all the vigorous Pro-Life energy happening. What could I resource from the Pro-life movement? I was walking in nature at the time…and became very moved by the force of creation…how the soil gives birth to the seedlings and dandilions that are starting come up. That rush of vitality in the creation and birthing of life. And I have such reverence of this life-giving. And so, I joined in my heart with the pro-lifers, for a moment, and said yes, I love the vitality from revering life in all its creation. Yes, it takes on different meanings for each of us on either side of the issue, but for a moment, I connected in with that reverence for life. It made it easier to not hold deep resentment or resistance to the OTHER SIDE.

I am going to be exploring more of the exercises I learned during the workshop, as it is a great way to resources, replenish, nourish us on this walk we find ourselves on at this time.holdingheartsun

Shamanic Aerobic Workout

I discovered a powerful process that I have been enjoying, that I invite you to come along with me and experience. This process has has lead to:yoga-1822476_1920

~Greater well-being and freedom from persisting issues (“mental infections” especially);

~Weight loss—a set point 15 lb below my last one; and especially from retuning my body’s metabolic processes;

~Greater energy and enthusiasm for life;

~Greater freedom and sovereignty; and

~Greater ability to focus on tasks at hand.

My ayurvedic consultant initiated the aerobic part of it when she presecribed for me a morning, pre-breakfast work out which must include sweating! I used walking my dog and hand weights when the weather allowed. But the winter we have been having has left this no t a good option.

I tried using YouTube Aerobic workout with weights but found them very unsatisfying. As I pondered and prayed about it, the spirits showed me something simple, and doable: “Use Pandora!!! Make your own workout!”

So here is what I do, and suggest it as a framework for you.

What you will need:

A space at least 5 x 5 feet

Small hand weights (2-4 lbs)

Good workout shoes

Siberian Eye curtain (optional)

A candle and lighter

Sound System:

Option 1–What I use: A device you can use to connect with the internet and the capacity to do so (I use my Ipad or phone); I have a Pandora One Subscription (no ads); a Bluetooth speaker (optional)—I have a Jawbone Charge 2

Option 2: Create a play list (see below) on your music device; a Bluetooth speaker is really nice.

My Optimal Pace and Process:

This is the order I engage my Pandora stations and what I do. You can create these stations or do your own thing with what you have. The key is providing a slow stretching and contemplative beginning; a medium section of sound for slow movements and warming up; then move into a good pace where you can breathe and sweat. All the time using the music to call forth and ask the spirits to do healing work on you. Then a slow down phase for reflection and closure.

I light a candle, as a symbol of my light, my spirit. Also, as an element that receives and transforms dense energies and other stuff I no longer need. Mine is on the fireplace mantle, illuminating our firescreen, which is the tree of life.

Phase 1: Stretching, Opening to the Divine.

This is the phase where I connect with my body—what does it need today? How wonderful it is that it has carried me this far. And I open to the Earth mother coming up through me, while I am lying down or in other poses stretching. I let love and light and healing fill me during this slow phase. Breathing. Stretching. Of course my kitties and dog love this pahse because I am on the ground. They are indeed emissaries of my spirit council so I connect in with my spirits through them.

Stations: Shamanic Dream; Shamanic Way, Deuter; Deva Premal; Krishna Das; John Barry. Quality of your playlist: dreamy, slow, contemplative

Phase 2. Warming the body, beginning the unwinding, releasing; connecting with the spirits around your home; your council of spirits.

This phase, I begin moving my body, slowly, intuitively. Gently. No weights yet. Saying hi to each part of my body. Greeting the spirits of the land I see and feel, the trees. It is a time for exchange with them, as my body warms up and my spirit ignites with receptivity. I also find I connect with people (family members especially) who I have photographs of around the space(s) I am moving in and giving gratitude to them and my relationships. I continue shedding of dense energies that no longer serve me. I know how to do curse-unraveling so this happens sometimes. Also, thoughtform unraveling and healing. I have also initiated soul retrieval—calling in soul essence that is connected to my soul by filaments, and visualizing those soul parts that belong to me coming back to me. (This is best done first by a skilled practitioner, then you can continue the process). I may pick up the weights towards the end of this phase to become acclimated to them and warm up even hotter with them. I visualize my organs being massaged and becoming retuned to a higher vibration and vibrancy of function.

Stations: Loreena McKennitt; Adele; William Ackerman; Steely Dan and the Rolling Stones towards the end of this phase. Quality of your playlist: slow-medium rhythmic beat.

Phase 3: Deep movement, sweating, breathing, releasing phase.

This is the time when I really move with the weights. I invite the forces of exersion on my body to help expel toxins energetically into the candle (I also use my lake) and physically into my blood stream. I am breathing and moving energy and toxins that way too. I continue to visualize my organs being massaged, especially now my heart and lungs. Any deeply held issue, aspect, energy that no longer serves me, I ask the movement and the spirits to help move that out. I do continue any curse unraveling, cord-cutting or extraction process that is needed to continue, and breathe pant pant pant it all out, in divine process.

Stations: Earth Wind and Fire, Talking Heads, Tower of Power; Quality of your playlist: fast beat, head-bobbing awesomeness.

Phase 4: Slow down, filling, stretching, gratitude phase. During this phase, I slow down, I stretch, I give thanks. I ponder what is ahead of me on my day.

Stations: Enya; Loreena McKennitt, Shamanic Dream Quality of your playlist: dreamy, slow, contemplative.

I hope you will enjoy this process. It has lead to a whole new way of being. I feel better than I have in ages! Let me know how it goes for you!

This is a good time to install a fear release portal.

Building and using Fear Release Portals can prevent us from letting fear on the outer and the inner take over our consciousness and emotions. I don’t even want to reiterate all of the reasons why it is important right now—it’s November 9th, 2016. That should say enough.frp

A fear release portal (FRP—lovingly referred to many of us phonetically as a “Frip”) is an adorned doorway through which we can direct fears to go and be dispensed with energetically. We can invite fear to leave our body—our ethic body, our subtle body, our physical body, our mental body—and to go into the portal, so that we are be clear of fear’s deleterious effects. A FRP is usually a physical place on our property or in our house, often circular and lined with sacred honoring items denoting the perimeter of the portal. It can be any shape, but most of us have round FRPs. In this article I share some principles and instructions on the creation and use of fear release portals.

Fear is a vibration that can set up shop in our nervous and spiritual system, take hold and raise havoc. I have two acronyms for fear, and use one of them depending on how I am feeling about the fear I am aware of. Primarily I believe that Fear is: False Evidence Appearing Real. I use this acronym most because it is almost always true and it is empowering! When in my small self, fear can also mean: Fuck Everything And Run. Fear can ultimately turn into cancer and other serious maladies. It is key to remember that fear as an energy is a real and tangible thing. So we treat it with respect as we seek to release it. And creating a sacred honored place for this builds our capacity to release fear at any time.

The FRP works primarily through the power of intention, supported by our belief in compassionate, benevolent spiritual help that is readily available to all of us.

I encourage people who want to create a FRP to create it outside. There is power out there in nature, that belongs in here –in the being that we are. And, if it is undoable, or if you think it would be more useful inside, then by all means, create one inside.

In shamanism, we are always opening to signs to provide spiritual information. So open to “hearing” from the portal itself– where it wants to be, noticing things in the landscape (indoors or out) that stand out or are calling on your attention—can help you find its best loction. Then, follow that guidance. Of course, a few aspects may cause the location to shift, like—is there room enough to sit or lay down next to it? Is it safe from hazards that might distract you?

Taking the cosmic and the mundane into account, select a location for your FRP. Sit down there, and just be with it for some time. Ask it to tell you, or in some other way get a sense for, what might be placed around the rim of the FRP. It might be very simple, like a ring of stones from the yard. It might be special items you have. It may be sticks, leaves, feathers, ribbon. Many FRP’s develop over time as they are used, and as you are guided to give offerings to the compassionate benevolent help that comes to work with you and the portal.

Once you have built your FRP, sit or stand next to it, and sing, call, pray for compassionate helping energies to come and support you whenever you are working with the portal. Rattling, drumming, playing singing bowls, flute, any intentional sound honors the process and helps build power. Offering flowers, cornmeal, tobacco, birdseed, any item given with love and gratitude will assist in releasing fear from you, your life, your energy system. Giving voice to your gratitude magnifies the magic within, and throughout.

At any time thereafter you can engage in the process of releasing fears into the portal. I begin with a prayer—“Oh divine ones. I stand here humbly with the intention of releasing any fears that may be in my way of my vibrant health and well-being. Any fear that may have accumulated in my energy system that is preventing me from moving forward on my journey. Any fears from the collective that I may also be harboring, I ask to release. I am ready to release the fears that are harming me or getting in my way. I thank you for your assistance.”

Releasing of fears can now happen in a variety of ways. All that is important is intention and willingness. If you are by yourself, you can lay down with your head at the edge of the FRP’s rim. You can sweep your hands from your lower body up through your head and out. If you have a rattle, you can rattle fear energies up and out into the portal. You can drum or sing, chant, tone, scream fear into the portal. You can shake fear into the portal. You can stand up, stomp your feet, dance and sweep fear out of your body and into the portal. You can take a feather and brush fear into the portal. You can drum or ring a bell. Do any of these way with the intention and visualization that fear is moving out of you, and into the portal.

You can engage a friend or family member. You can drum, rattle, sing, chant, tone for them as they release their fears, then switch, taking turns supporting each other by using different kinds of sound to help fear break free.

The fear energies go into the portal and are transmuted—changed in form—by the spiritual help that you called in, by the element of earth, and by the element of fire at the center of the earth. When energy is transmuted and its form changes, it can be utilized in other dimensions to do work. Do not worry that you will cause harm to the earth by transferring fear from your body to hers. She knows exactly what to do.

When you are done, take some time to call for divine light to come and fill you. When we release dense energies from our system, it is important that we fill with the spaces fear was taking up with love, divine light, compassion, positive thoughts and feelings. The easiest filling can be achieved by simply setting an intention that the top of your head (crown chakra) and your heart (chakra) open, and that bright loving, divine light comes from above to fill you. You can also open the chakras of your feet, and your root chakra, and invite the divine supportive nurturing power of Mother Earth to come up through your body and fill you with her unconditional love. Notice yourself getting brighter and shinier within.

It is always polite and fulfilling to say thank you for this divine filling, then to the compassionate benevolent helpers that came. I usually let them know they are released from their work at this time, and that I will be calling on them in the future.

I say thank you to those that taught us about FRP-ing at the LightSong Practicum of Telepathic Communication 2012-ish.