It’s Raining Cats and Acorns and Owls and Bowls

I had a huge oak spirit drop into my consciousness. It kept dropping acorns on my head. I found myself sitting under this big tree, looking out over an expanse where there were acorns everywhere, a couple of inches thick.

The spirit of this tree was trying to, and succeeded in, show me quite blatantly the super-abundance in my life. I have known this, and then forgotten, known this, then forgotten. Tis the way of the spiritual path on earth I believe.

Most importantly, I became deeply aware that my most gnawing issues were coming from a lack mentality. Bonk! An acorn hit me on the head, then another. Bonk! And something magically shifted in me. I became almost ashamed at how I acted out in this false story of lack when clearly I am profoundly blessed. Bonk!

Then more pieces of the story began unfolding. I had missing vibrant cat energy since the passing of my little Cali, a tortoise-shell calico–passed away last year; she ascended through the super moon on tax day. A week ago, just before my marriage ceremony, a little grey kitty appeared at our back door. She has been staying around and has adopted us…really touching deep into my heart. Bonk!

Perhaps even more miraculously—this past weekend I had the most amazing Singing Bowl class, the first of its kind at Hidden Lake. It nourished all of us deeply, and we all wanted to ensure that I did more of these classes next year. So on Sunday, I started thinking about bringing new bowls into my collection of crystal beings. On Monday I get a call from someone, who knows a friend of mine, telling me she has this big crystal bowl that needs a new home, and would I be interested? Wow! So with some back and forth, I end up at her home yesterday. The bowl is all boxed up and I ask to see it and play it before I buy it. She picks it up and says “it is going home with you” and I ask “don’t you want me to pay for it?” and she says “no, its yours!. I mean, really, these are worth 400 dollars, especially that size. Bonk!

IMG_1264Wow, and keeps getting better as I arrive at a small business gathering, and am presented with a beautiful gift—a stunning coffee cup with a princess owl on it– for some ceremonial singing I did last month. Really? Bonk!

Thank you universe.


It’s raining cats and acorns and owls and bowls


I will see it when I believe it

I will see it when I believe it…

I had a fun twist on an old saying that really spoke to me about the way the world works. An expression of the law of attraction.

The old saying, “I will believe it when I see it” is kinda the exact opposite of how things work. The old saying, “seeing is believing” is a little closer to the truth.

When we believe something, we begin seeing evidence of this belief all around us.

This is the nature of the Law of Attraction.

Therefore, what is more accurate is

“I will see it when I believe it”

In my shamanic sound class, participants and I explored how the soul, chakras, and intention work together. Magidah shared one of the more profound findings—that our chakras are like movie projectors, projecting energy from our chakras that hold the information and beliefs held by our soul. So our world is created by the projections of our soul, as mediated by our minds, through the chakras. I thought that was brilliant. This is how the Law of Attraction actually manifests.

When my soul and mind sync up about a belief about the way the world is, and project it through my chakras, I will see it…

So I will see it when I believe it.

Ababymtnlions fun little muse…

How Sound Healing Training Can Strengthen Your Healing Practice (Especially Shamanic Healing)

Sound is the carrier wave of intention. When we hold intentions for healing and manifestation in our heart, and send these out into the universe with sound, great power to organize matter and energy is set into motion. Sound that is guided by spirits and divine light and love amplifies any healing act or technique. This enhancement arises because of the powerful effects sound has: at the neurological, biochemical, thermodynamic, mental, spiritual, cosmic levels of being. And because of the unfathomable intelligence of our spiritual allies, power animals, angels, ambassadors and helpers from of the unseen world.

When we immersed ourselves in shamanism, most of us learned about sound “through the back door”. We had directives such as “find your power song”, “develop your invocation”, “listen for an extraction song” and the like. We felt drawn to the sound of the drum, and noticed how powerful our rattles and drums were at moving energy, shifting our consciousness, and so much more. We sensed that these instruments had spirits unto themselves; we may have even done some investigation toward that end. Sacred songs moved our hearts and powered our ceremonies. And, in all of this, the process of shamanism was the driver, the focus at the forefront of our training, as well it should have been.

In Shamanic Sound Healing training, we dive deeper into the process of working with intentional sound, within a shamanic (spirit-filled) container and framework. How does sound move through us? How can we use this process of channeling Spirit in the form of sound to create and manifest? How can working with sound help us get out of the way more completely, in the dance with our ego? How can we most potently let the purity of divine realms come to Earth through us? Our work with sound refines our understanding of how energy and intention work, how our witness collaborates and informs our healing process, and how vibration, energy and matter interact to create a healing effect.

We experiment and explore sound as a central creative force in the world.

We journey into sound and with our compassionate spirits’ help and guidance, discover more clearly and potently how sound carries intention out into the universe to be heard and acted upon, and how spirit rides sound in from nonordinary reality to bring wisdom and power into the room, our clients. We become attuned to Sound and its flow through us, very much like a Reiki attunement. We begin to hear the information and interpret the spiritual power that are encoded in the sounds that channel through us.

We experience how sound organizes matter and other energy matrices to bring about healing and manifestation. We become a more clear and open channel for the power and wisdom that rides on the waves of sound into our ceremonial space, our bodies, our souls, those of our clients and people in our lives.

Sound helps the client experience energy healing in the body at a deeper level. The vibrations that move through you, and your instruments, resonate through the physical body as well as the energetic and etheric body. This resonating assists the client not only at a physical and spiritual level, but at a mental level, as they form a conscious belief that “something is actually happening”. This belief furthers the effectiveness of the energy work. This physical level of sensation is key, especially for people who are a) new to spiritual /energy healing—where there is no real framework for the healing to fit into; b) left brain/cognitive dominant people who need tangible evidence to believe in phenomena in general and in energy healing in particular; c) not visual or auditory but more kinesthetic in their experiencing of the world.

How my practice has become more potent through sound healing: A personal story

I began my sound healing training by becoming a singer in traditional Native American healing ceremonies (Sweat lodge, Vision Quest, Sundance, Yuwipi and Lowampi). Perhaps even before that, my learning of the language of birds taught me how to listen, and how to sing what the birds were singing. I was drawn to and studied with Tom Kenyon back when he was still teaching the principles of sound healing. His fundamental research into acoustic effects on the brain and physiology inspired me, as he was the first science-turned-shaman to lift the veils on this sacred process of healing with sound.

As I have come to work more deeply with sound with participants in my courses and clients in my private practice, I have noticed that my extractions have become deeper and richer as a result of my experiences, learning and focus on healing sound. My voice has gained power with focus and experience–once just the song carrier for the community, now a fountain of sound for Earth!

I have become more acutely aware of how the spirits of my drums, rattles, and my singing bowls in particular are able to carry vibration deep into the clients energy, physical and Ka bodies to break up intrusions/blockages/constrictions in the matrix of their beingness. Divine love, light, and high vibrations that carry potent qualities needed for healing ride the sounds that come through me, my voice and my instruments into the room, and into the client, and out ahead of them on their path, to further facilitate healing and manifestation.

There is a falling away of self-consciousness in how the spirits are using me and my voice as instruments of healing. Often, there is little or no self awareness for longer periods of time because I become the sounds, merged with my helping spirits, as the “hollow bone”. (This is a central theme in all of my courses.) This process has taken practice, ceremony, personal healing, and the circles of learning in my courses.

During my soul retrievals, I have come to use sound more to prepare the “house of the soul” for re-entry, and to welcome the soul parts that get retrieved. Sound also integrates the parts into the soul—song, bowls, rattles, especially with lullabies and healing songs that sooth and invite. The spirits have given me an awareness, and sounds and songs, that help the retrieved soul parts learn from the soul what they have missed during their absence, while the resident soul learns from the retrieved soul parts about what they experienced during their absence. A re-education unfolds with vibrational frequencies that help facilitate knitting and communication within the fabric of the soul.

I use Sound and song during the cord-cutting and forgiveness ceremony to help resonate the cords that most need to be cut. Sound and song also help to clear any reservations clients might have to the work (giving up their stories, for example), and contribute to the integration of the soul essence that returns, and to seal the client’s new relationship with their true self.

House clearings have taken on a whole new dimension with my sound healing tools and voice (especially creating healing vortices with my crystal bowl). Sometimes I even have my spirits do curse unraveling and deposession work in a journey using my singing bowls. My Reiki treatments have also expanded through use of sound.

SO much richness and power and effectiveness can come to your healing work when you begin incorporating spirit-guided intentional sound. Imagine what your practice might look like if you got comfortable with healing sound and could use it to help remove obstacles and create healing for your clients. Or even your meditation practice or morning prayer sessions.

hands-on-drum-300x224I hope you will consider join me during one or more of many offerings in 2015. To learn more, go to



Getting from “here” to “there”: Messages about Creating

salmon1We set intentions; we formulate goals; we yearn and hope for “that thing to happen” or that state to be achieved, that shift to occur so that things will be different, a new way.

 And it a mystery from an energetic perspective how we get from here to there.

I had a client who was working intensely with those questions, and I wanted (with her permission) to share the shamanic healing journey we did together to ask the spirits about “getting from here to there”.

 The sacred landscape opened up with a forest grove and a stream.

We peered down into the stream, and then across the stream to the other side. There was a three-dimensional quality about this metaphor of the two banks of the stream and the source of the stream.

 We began swimming with the sockeye salmon–the wise salmon (an oracle). To explore the place in between “here and there”—between where we are now, and where we want to be. The salmon were transmitting wisdom through the water to us just by virtue of us being in the water with them.

 The first message was: Enjoy being in the water (the place in between). We focus so much on the “there”, where we are trying to get to, that sometimes we overlook what is in the spaces between where we are and where we want to be. The salmon then flipped us to walking on the backs of them from one side to another—but with a caveat: “Do Not look at the other side, but look into the gap—in the water.”

“Notice the detail and beauty of the rocks on the bottom of the stream, how the water is moving. Notice the reflection of the trees on the other side in the stream. While the trees appear to be standing on the other side of the stream, they are reflected in the stream. The ‘there’ is in ‘here’.”

 There was a deep teaching at an energetic level about the integration of here, the gap and the future. A harmony and synergy. 

“Love all the elements that come together in the in between. Earth, water, fire, air, the elements are important energies and building blocks, both, of the building of the next step(s).”

 “As our vibration rises, we carry the power to attract people who have that energy needed for or related to the creation of the next step. ” If we employ a greater awareness, we will notice these people and this helps create the next step.

 We call on the Great Mystery for our Construction team of creation of the bridge between the here and the there: attracting circumstances, the elements, compassionate spirits, and people. As we raise our vibration, we know that we are in communion with the spirits. We engage them to build the bridge over the gap. This team is engaged, both intentionally and accidentally; without our initial awareness, then we notice the team and its components, and it builds exponentially. Our change in perception of energy is going to encourage change.

 A magnetic vibrational quality that emanates from the heart, along with change in perception of energy, is going to “synergize to create synergy”. A field forms around us. The awareness of this happening feeds creation of the steps of the bridge.

” Watching and attracting; One bridge section at a time.”

“Healing work creates the construction team.”

The Wise Salmon clambered and implored: ”if no structure exists there right now, walk on our backs to peer into the gap”.

 “As you stand on the backs of the spirits in the elements: Notice the detail in the water (the gap)– this is really important for the foundation of what you are creating out in front of you. There is information in the gap. That serves as a foundation for for what you are building and creating. Above and below synergizing—keep watching how the land and the water interact”.


I thank my client for attracting such an amazing healing shamanic journey with me.

 I do these kinds of sessions over the phone, via Skype and in person at my sound studio at Hidden Lake. Contact me: 503-939-7174 or

Constellations–A Potent Partner to Sound Healing: Part 1

bigstock-a-zen-stones-background-white--16243001I am starting to explore the unique edge of sound healing and constellation work, so I thought I would first describe what Constellations work is.

Constellation work is a healing art form that is all about relationships. We can inquire and study the energetics of our relationship to anything—people, places, aspects of ourselves, nature, any topic or emotion.

We designate a sacred space we call the Knowing Field in which to investigate systems involving our relationships. The Knowing Field is charged with knowledge from the ages, from our ancestors, from nature and the web of life, from the all-knowing divine forces that run through all things. In shamanism, we experience it as a matrix of Non-Ordinary Reality, and/or an expression of the Akashic records.

We focus on a specific issue, and begin the inquiry by arranging REPRESENTATIVES of key elements of this issue in the Knowing Field. Key elements of our issue can be people, places, nature beings, thoughtforms, emotions, ideas, dreams. We can REPRESENT these elements by assigning people, objects, pieces of paper with the names of these elements to STAND IN for the elements in the Knowing Field. (There are also special flat rubber foot prints of various sizes and colors that are made specifically for Constellation Work).

Our knowingness we invite to come first through our body. With our felt-sense, we notice how things feel and change as the spatial relationships of the representatives move or are moved.

We start by placing these elements in a spatial configuration that “feels right”— From the original spatial relationship of the elements in the knowing field, we then invite the wisdom of our body to inform us of the energetics of the relationships between the elements of system. The energetics of the relationships create movement and feeling, and thoughts and express through the Representatives, revealing wisdom and options for healing in the system in which the issue lies.

Representatives may be asked to report how they are feeling, and to share thoughts that arise as they stand in for their element. They may be asked to move, or feel called to move to a different position. New feelings and thoughts may arise that reveal information about the issue.

In many instances, the facilitator will ask a representative to speak a healing sentence that may create shifts in the energy of the constellation, and thus the relationships and system itself.

The flow of love in a relationship or the system deeply affects energetics of the relationship or the system. This flow can be unblocked by listening for and speaking a healing sentence that acknowledges the truth of the relationship or system, and that allows the truth to settle and be held with compassion.

Adding intentional sound to constellations:
Intentional sound adds a new vibration to the system that reaches the right brains of the representatives, and charges the knowing field with heightened vibrational potency that encourages transformations in the system. More on this later…


We can do constellation work on our own, in groups of people, or in pairs. Here I describe the process when a group of people are assembled for the purpose of doing constellation work.

First, a seeker comes forward with an issue or question. It can be bout anything—relationships with people, emotions, a career or business question, a question about where they are living or wanting to live, a natural or managed ecosystem, anything!

The seeker will give a description of the issue, with the facilitator (“Constellator”) asking questions that will illuminate key elements of the system to be represented.

The constellator will then ask the seeker to invite people, one at a time, to “stand in” as “representatives” of different elements of the system that frame the issue. The seeker purposefully and with their felt sense places each representative in the knowing field in a spatial configuration that “feels right”, and reflects the system as it exists currently. The representatives are called to feel into their bodies and notice what the wisdom of the body is telling them about the energetics of our spatial relationship to other representatives that are standing in for people, places, or things in the Knowing Field.

The representatives may begin to feel that a movement is necessary, in relation to each other. Representatives usually have body sensations, thoughts and emotions, all of which can provide wisdom and insight into the energetics of the element of the system that they are standing in for. In shamanism, we experience this and refer to it as ranging from “channeling” to “mediumship”, depending on how deep the connection is.

The facilitator will carefully ask representatives to report their feels and thoughts and sensations. Based on movement and this information, the facilitator may ask that a representative to speak healing sentences that will help release the tension or blockage in the system or relationship. Through this very intentional inquiry, we can unwind unconscious patterns and unblock the flow of love and life force, greatly enhancing our well being. We can gain a broader perspective on the systems in which we live and live with more freedom, ease and love.

Constellation Work in the Absence of Group
I have done very powerful constellation work on my own. If I am trying to decide a particular path to take for a specific decision, I will take a piece of paper and write a phrase that states and represents one decision or outcome of a decision or fork in the road. I will take another piece of paper and write another phrase on it that states another potential fork. On performing a “blind constellation”, I will then fold these up and mix them up so I do not know which paper is which. I will stand on one of the pieces of paper, placed in the Knowing field (a rug designated for this work, usually). I will notice how I feel while standing on this piece of paper. Then I will stand on the other piece of paper, noticing how I feel as I stand on this one. I will usually have very different experiences and sensations as stand on each of these. From these, the answer will usually be revealed to me. I will pick the one that feels the best. Then I will look at what that piece of paper says. We can also perform the constellation in the same way, but knowing what the pieces of paper say ahead of time.

Another potent form of constellation we did with Suzi Tucker. We chose a pair of rubber foot prints made for constellation work to represent Anger (one can easily use a piece of paper with the word written on it). We placed the feet down on the knowing field, and then stood in relationship to it in a way that felt right to us. We noticed what we noticed. We moved around it and noticed how it felt in front of us, behind us. Then we stood on it, and noticed how we felt then. It was very instructive. The biggest thing I noticed was how it felt like a supportive force when it was standing behind me, but it felt confrontive and uncomfortable when it faced me. When I stepped on top of the feet, it revealed to me in a deeper way the wisdom of having anger flow through me as a creative force and that it could be like the weather without holding it in the body.

This healing art form emerged through Bert Hellinger’s work studying various cultural and family groups. I originally came to Constellation work through a Hawaiian-based Shaman named Larry Kessler. I am currently training with a Shoshone woman named Francesca Boring Mason. Both of these people have a deep honoring of the Ancestors, Nature, and bring a deep spiritual aspect to the work. I follow in this way of approaching Constellations.

Stay tuned for more…

This is what help looks like today

We call on the benevolent compassionate helping spirits for help in our shamanicbigstock-a-zen-stones-background-white--16243001 sound healing work, in all of our work –no matter what healing modality.

It is human to have a particular set of images of what the help might be
like-angels, people, circumstances sweeping gracefully in to save or illuminate us…oh what an earthly folly. We must be ready to accept the help as it presents to us, so divinely orchestrated that we laugh at its perfection and say thank you!

During the spring shamanic sound healing intensive, we called in all of our help for the weekend. With grand and humble intentions for our learning and healing, we cast the circle and went about our work.

Sunday morning (the day we changed our clocks… well, some of us) my
assistant found herself late. Very late. To do the thing her heart most
sings for-to be in circle in sound, service, spirit-impediment after
impediment got in her way. Her frustration was profound. She gave herself a hard time all the way on her ride to the circle; she was in quite a state.

We paired up to do a healing, using the next lesson of the day for a method, and whatever was up for each person as a healing intention (this the way we roll!). She chose her relationship with time. And Whoa, what a magnificent, illuminating healing unfolded. Old energies departed, old configurationsshattered; divine wisdom and power rode in on the heart and voice of the practitioner. Curses unraveled, lessons infused…

When the debrief unfolded, and the whole picture of the morning was illuminated, we all exclaimed


All of it–impediments, upsets, pain, then the seeking, the subsequent call to healing and its unfolding!!!!

A great reminder. Help is not always puppies and clouds…And, it always comes when the heart is open and when we are truly receptive. Help almost never looks like what we think it should. We are buoyed on our earth walk by the grace of the divine. Ever mesmerized by the Great Mystery…

A great mantra for me…perhaps you might find it helpful.

“This is what help looks like today”.

How to Make Your Own Meaningful Spirit-guided Sound

What is Spirit-guided Sound Healing?

Sound is a carrier wave of intention, and is a magical creative force that re-configures matter and energy. Spirit-guided sound healing adds the active participation of compassionate benevolent spirits—beings from the divine realms. These beings encode the sound with power and wisdom, guiding the sound to its most potent targets.

When sound is transmitted and received in a container of love and divine spiritual guidance, miraculous healing and manifestation of dreams and prayers can more powerfully be set into motion.

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